Like most, I found my passion for photography right after my son was born in November of 2009. I was determined to find a way to capture him in the moment, and cherish these precious times! This is how my photography journey began!

I wouldn’t consider myself the “say cheese” kind of photographer. My style is whimsical, simple and casual.  I want to capture moments with your family as they are happening, whether its a magical moment between mother and child or embracing the purity and sweetness of a precious newborn.

I have always had a passion for children and went to school for Early Childhood Education.  My biggest passion lies in newborn posing! I fell in love with capturing newborns soon after I photographed my first bundle of joy! I began diving deeper into newborn photography and the art of posing babies. I found an amazing newborn photographer out of Atlanta and quickly flew across the United State to mentor with her, where I learned all of the secrets to newborn posing!

This has been a monumental time in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the enormous amount of encouragement from family and friends. I have not only found something that I am sincere about, but I am continuing to meet amazing families and developing relationships with people along the way. Most importantly, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to create memories for more families to come!

I look forward to meeting with you!



Photos: courtesy of Amanda Eaton Photography